me and my GF as 3d characters :)

Valentines Day present for a my Girl :slight_smile:

Now some time after Valentines Day I wanted to share it with the forum, to know what you guys think and what needs to be improoved…

Looks great, I’d say she liked it! Only crit is the floor doesn’t look right.

yes she did :D…

thanks Ross!!

… very good point , the pattern of the carpet should be much smaller I guess…

That’s quite nice, well done! Pretty familiar situation too. :smiley:

I agree on the carpet though and your girls waist could maybe be a bit rounder.

I agree with RossBlenderArt.

nice scene, but the carpet looks oddly flat and shadow-less which in turn makes the characters look out of place.

thank you very much for commenting Ben and Blenderizer!
didn’t saw that on the waist before… :slight_smile:
@blenderaizer: i will turn up the level of the normal map thats on there… might solve that… :slight_smile:

EDIT: Oh yes, know I see it, the lack of shadow on the carpet is so big, that one might could think the characters are flying slightly over the surface/or just are out of place…

thanks Ross!!


I love the eyes! They look amazing. Other than the shadow problem, the only thing I would change is the guy’s expression. He seems too happy in that situation. Haha!

thanks Josh! :smiley:

you’re right! the guy is really too happy while carrying the whole stuff and rushing through and stuff! great, I’d say she liked it! Only crit is the floor doesn’t look right.

yes she did…

thanks Ross… ummh Sammy!! :smiley: :wink:

Sammy’s a bot. [Edit: hooray, he’s gone]

Fun style, just round off the areas like the girl’s waist, like Ben said.

@xabotage thanks for responding!

didn’t knew bots can do that… :smiley:

Aww, that looks really cute. :slight_smile:

thanks StrangeGlint :slight_smile:

boxes would not all be same colour

@KrohDaddi very good point! Thank you!