Me Caught on camera fighting a tiger!!!

a picture says a thousands fists


Lol. Thats awesome. When I read the title I was a little confused. lol

Are you saving the baby from the tigers tummy, then going to release the tiger back into the wild?

yes then I went to ask chuck norris if I was near as good as he is
he repleyed:
no. because when you did it the people yelled “Hes being attacked!”
when I do it they yell “quick save the tiger its being Owned!!!”

Amazing what illusions is possible with the inventions of man. At first glance one would easily be mystified into the fabulous world of man and beast striving for dominance of the ground from which to live off. But heed the lessons of the past, such tricks can be abused.

thats pretty cool.

how’d you do that?

uh… how do you think dipstick!
i got on top and started beating down that tigers ass!

then chuck norris came.

Wow. [email protected]$$ op and chuck norris jokes.

Definitely the best thread ever.

lets just hope chuck norris doesnt make a thread on here or he will roundhouse the title off me

And a tin ear for sarcasm. Why not actually answer zymn’s question? He may really want to know.

hye look its chuck noris fighting a tiger!!!1111!!111!;

Orinoco: Good point. Sarcasm is a delicate thing… you have to know when to use it. :rolleyes:

same lightingish in both photos…
and some gimp


Looks very good. The masking you did is superb!
Two things really jumped out at me though:
The red circles show where you (I guess??) used the clone tool.

on the other hand, overall effect was excellent. It could easily trick some of the people I know.


ya I it was blurry in the backround cuz I was trying to do depth of field but apparently I failed

here is a better version that isnt so blurry


Haha! That’s pretty wild! Good work.

Ha Secrets revealed!

Good pick.

That’s a small tiger. But, I think you made it a little too small in comparison with yourself. Tigers are friggin huge.:eek:

Based on that pick, that tiger would be around 5-7 feet, which would make you around 7-8 feet tall.:cool:

Edit: Wait no. Observed a bit more. That’s actually pretty accurate. Good job

Unless you’re 5’2 (158cm).

Expect e-mails from PETA.

fuck PETA

hhahaha nice work dude:D