/me thinks of leaving.

Yes as in topic, it seams like I’ll not learn 3d good enough so being at a 3d community feels wrong.
And then I though it would be appropriate to leave before I get monkey status.

Hmmm… so you think you need to be ‘good enough’ to be part of a community ?

I’m part of (and active in) several communities. Some are professional ones I need for my work, others (like Elysiun) I am hanging around for fun. It doesn’t matter if I’m any good at doing 3D or even good at using Blender (which I’m certainly not, I’m just starting to learn), as long as I’m enjoying the interaction with other people here there is no reason for me to stay away.

The question that comes to mind though is this: are you only thinking about leaving the community or are you thinking about stopping with 3D completely ?

yeah i suck at blender too and i am still here.

if you are good at anything from coding, organising, html, web design, music, 2d then you have a place here and can help someone


I’m not good at 3D myself. I realize it takes time and dedication. I’ve been playing with Blender for 5 years now, and I’m still not good at it, but oh well.
Folks here at ElYsiun is a real good community.
I’ve moved on to Lightwave which help me out alot, but Blender is where my heart and start is at. Expand yourself to other programs but to hang around here, because the support here is one of the best.

hahahaha good one, you’re like one of the blender legends

Anyway if you wanna leave go ahead bye bye, I just don’t think being melodramatic about not being “good enuf” is a reason worth leaving for.

well is it bloody boring or what?

shut the f$%$k up!


Good enough? Don’t worry about that Sebastian.
I have no doubt you can do it. From looking at you F1 entry, it looks like you have the basics down to create a scene. The only question is do you enjoy it?

We ain’t buy’n the false humility man! :smiley:

I’d advise taking a break from blender for a few weeks or so - come back fresh. - see my motivation thread

I’m dabbling with Pixia ( http://park18.wakwak.com/~pixia/ )- I certainly seem to have found my motiviation now that i’m taking a break from 3D.

Take a break, do something different, dabble with drawing or something.



Look at me, I’m terrible at Blender and I don’t see myself leaving the community anytime soon.

What the hell does “good enough” even mean in this context? Are you implying that we shouldn’t let any newbies register because they’re not “good enough” yet?

If everybody who wasn’t “good enough” by your definition left, there would only be a few people still here, and they’d have to leave eventually too for whatever reason. The constant stream of newbies arriving is what keeps the community alive. The human race would never get anywhere if nobody ever tried to do anything new, just because they weren’t “good enough” at it yet. Get back here and PRACTICE, dammit.

Yeah, I agree.

If everybody quit things because they said they were “not good enough”, then technology would never get better.

Not much else to say, since it’s all been said above.

Well I know I suck at it, but that’s why I come here to learn something.

/me Smacks Sebastian

Youve only bee nhere since January ive used blender for over a year and im still getting the hang of it, if you give up ull never get done.

If you wanted to leave, you would’ve done it already(without posting about it)…besides being in the forum won’t make anyone better at blender/3d…etc…sorry if I sound too harsh.

lol people

i am trying to point out that being good is relative, and you can be how good you want to be :stuck_out_tongue:

leaving is an option if you don’t have a passion for somthing, but basicly follow your heart as to what you love doing. if you love blending then stay, if you don’t then find what you do love.

life with passion is the only way to live


fishing for sympathy are we? :wink:

I’d say that 19 posts is a big fat bite. :wink: