Me time #selfcare #namaste

Created this render for Pwnishers weekly render challenge - theme: Hidden Horror

I only had 5-6 hours to work on it, so I kept it as minimalistic as possible.

The funniest part of this render is “unfortunately” hidded, but here some nightmare fuel just for you!


Did something similar in about 2005 in Strata 3D - where I started with 3D modelling


oh so cool!

The Foam is very good. How do you make it ?

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It’s a mix of plane images (photos of foam on black background) for the flat water foam, and the fluffs are sculpted blobs with foam shader ( ) - it’s an amazing procedural shader, but I figured it requires to tweak some stuff in the nodegroup, as natively it’s acting really bad with low lighting

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this scene looks really nice! I love the shine you get on the legs. Also it reminds me a bit of the Nightmare of Elm Street poster, was that an influence? I love the duck, very clever! I wish I could notice the duck a little better.

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Yeah actually I would’ve like to make the duck more upfront, but challenge was “hidden horror” so I tried to make it as subtle as possible, like if you don’t pay attention it’s just another lame instagram photo :smiley:
Ah, I actually don’t know about that poster, can you show me?

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ok, I am super impressed you did that with Strata - I learned to use Strata in school back in…1995 or so? I thought it was a horrible piece of software.

I featured you on BlenderNation, have a great weekend!