Mean Crease vs. Adding Edges

So I have not used blender in a while (last one I used was 2.68) and I found out about a feature called Mean Crease, which essentially creates a sharper edge which is useful when you have a subsurf mod on your model. I was wondering when is it to use the mean crease and when it is better to just create an edge close to the edge you want to sharpen. A list of pros and cons for both would be most beneficial. Thanks :slight_smile:

okay this is a list of stuff i can think of.
mean crease

really easy to use
allows sharp edges without adding more vertices
its easier to do corners with

not sure about any cons

i think the main thing is that you can easily adjust this later on if you want.

hope this helps

There is one main con, and that it you might need a high subsurf level for a smooth edge.

That might change though as the BF continues work on Blenderโ€™s new integration of the OpenSubDiv library so stay tuned on that.

This video from Blender Cookie might also be helpful:

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