Meanwhile, in Mumbai

Hey guys ,

look what i found at my place haha …

hope you like it …

click here for image

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Amazing! But it’s still possible to tell whether it’s real pigeon or not by it’s animations and underside of the wings.

Looks beatiful but like stated above, the wings need some work. But the rest blends wonderfully.

Arey vaah khupach sundar!Vatlach nahi ki Blender madhe banavlai te!ekdum hubehub ha!shubhechha! :slight_smile:

First time I saw that, I thought the birds were real. The only thing that gave the sign away was that the tracking was a little off, and I couldn’t see any shadow or AO being cast from it.

haha u caught me … thanks a lot guys :slight_smile:

That’s very impressive …good one dude!:yes:

well done duku… animation is perfect… :smiley: overall it looks real… and yess everyone support gooseberry only 1 day is left…

Haha, that was great. Really good work on the pigeon.

wordless, very professional work O.o.

thanks a lot guys … :slight_smile: