Measure tool in Blender

i think we need a more powerful Measure tool in Blender, not only like is in the current one in Blender that measures the distance between center of the objects, but also to be able to:

  • snap to vertices and edges of one particular and read the distance between them
  • to be able to snap to vertex/edge of different Objects and be able to measure the distance from one to another
    -but not just from one object center to another object center (like is right now)

as a reference: here is how measure works in Sketchup: (not to mention how awesome would be to have similar tool in Blender)

Have you tried to use the worlds most pointless poll options.

pointless because?

Pointless because they’re both positive affirmations of your opinion on this subject.

You may as well just put:

  • Yes
  • Yes

yeah, because nobody would click a NO button :slight_smile:
it is just humor, pointless not at all

unfortunately Caliper wasn’t been updated for the new Blender :frowning:

i would like to see angle too in rad and degrees!


but you know that by selecting Display Angles in Edit mode, you can see the angle of selected edges

well this works only if you have faces
but how do you add and angle corner a tool for this would be great

ok it’s more then only measuring!

and there may already be a little sript to do that but i have to find which one
i think it has to do with edges tool something!


somebody who know how to code things, please do a write a measure tool plugin.
At least like 3Dmax has. please please please!