Measurement problems blender


I have a problem measuring an object in edit mode. it does not matter which dimensions I enter in object mode, it always indicates 2 meters in edit mode. can you help me here. I have added 2 photos.

I tried the old version but it has the same problem

In Edit mode you create your object mesh components with what should be their natural size, and the dimension display overlays in Edit mode reflect this size/scale.

In Object mode you can apply a scale (and rotation, and position) to the Object. This affects the Object “container” of the actual geometry, and does not go into the object itself and change the components of the object in any way, so when you go back into Edit mode the measured dimensions aren’t different.

But, in Object mode you can go to Object->Apply->Scale and that will change the size of the mesh data to match the current object scaling, and remove the scale factor on the Object which is probably what you want here.

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Thank you so much.

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