Measurments tool, more annotation layers to separate groups of measurements?

I am using the measurement tools and the data is saved under Annotations, as RulerData3D.
In the example illustrated in the screenshot above it is used to annotate the cabinet with measurement information. Works fine.
You can imagine how cluttered the scene would be if I were to add such information about more elements: eg room size, door sizes, switch locations etc etc
What would work great is if I could add annotation layers, grouping my measurements for each of the elements I wish to measure, separately per layer.

I have not found a way to do this and I am afraid it cannot be done. Or can it?
(I know about the MeasureIt add-on, the topic is specifically about the functionality of the built-in tool)

Since Blender does not seem to accommodate this functionality, maybe if I could save out to a file and reload sets of measurements selectively… but that would mean coding, in which case why not use MeasureIt, after all…
Still hope I may have missed some built in feature of measurements, they do the job well, just wish I could use them selectively for sets of elements.