Mecanic Insect

Bonjour à tous!
Ceci est une modélisation sur la base d’une oeuvre de Simon Stålenhag (un artiste de stockholm), j’ai amélioré le rendu sur Gimp ceci dit je trouve qu’elle manque de vie! Pourriez vous m’eguiller pour améliorer tout ça?

Hello everyone!
This is a model based on a work by Simon Stålenhag (an artist from stockholm), I improved rendering on Gimp however I think it lacks life! Could you please help me to improve all this?

Sorry for my english :slight_smile:


To me the modal does not stand out enough, try maybe adding a spot light on the modal to bring it out of the scene. Looking at the picture there are street lamps so adding a spotlight is completely plausible.
Furthermore maybe you should add a lens glare to the blue light on the insects arm.

I really like the over composition of the picture and the modal looks very detailed, but just needs something to bring it out of the scene more.

good luck

Thinks for your comments i’ll try to improve it!