Mech and Environment, Final Scene

(Bapsis) #1

Hey all,

I decided to post this last pic here in the Finished section, because iā€™v pretty much finished finalizing the look and feel of the scene. I sure wish i could render the animation at this resolution!!! :wink:
Anywayz, look forward to a short animation in the next while, hopefully in less than a week!!! :wink:


Blend on, and blend well!!!

(Dittohead) #2

those little guys say it all.

what was that rendered in anyways??

(theeth) #3


I think the mech should stand out a little more though


(S68) #4

V e r y nice

We want the animation 8)


(valarking) #5

:o :o :o x 100

(Da Bourz) #6

I found the image much too dark, impossible to see details ā€¦