Mech-Contest Entry

(kaktuswasse) #1

Ok, updated it again:

What do you mean? Which details should I add? What’s about the textures?

thanks, henrik

(BgDM) #2

Looking better kaktuswasser. I am not sure about the texture now though. Just doesn’t see to fit properly. I know I suggested somehting like this to you on #Blenderchat, but it isn’t working for me now.

Don’t know what to suggest. Anyone else have an idea?


(slikdigit) #3

maybe a basic problem with is the model is so ‘flat’; seen from the side view it doesn’t seem interesting enough. Maybe a pre-texturing step would be to work on a profile view that has appeal; you could -for instance- make the neck lower down or curve up so that the head is not in plane with the body, or make the body more spindly, or raise/lower the point where the wings attach to it.
texturing idea? Perhaps go with the way some cars are textured- reflective shiny paint with various details that are glass/plastic/metal/chrome looking. Do a basic map that looks new, then work on adding (well defined) rust/scratch/dented areas. Scuff up the surface by adding specularity and reflectivity stencil maps.
Lighting also has a huge effect on the look too. Pose it interestingly and use either a combination of lights starting from a 3 point light and going from there, or do a sky dome (should look sexy with reflections from paint)
some more detail to the thrusters on top would be nice too, consider adding a third segment to the wing articulation and ‘breaking’ one side, the shape of the nose/beak imho needs some work, the tail (at least in this shot) is confusing as to what is its actual form.
just thought I’d add a lot of suggestions as it seems there are few on this thread, and I know how frustrating it is when you want feedback and don’t get it .
Good luck (but not too good- I wanna have a chance too :smiley: )

(kaktuswasse) #4

wow, that was really much… Thank you!!!

But that with the side-view…well, it’s a bird and I tried to make the look
as natural as I could ,so I think I won’t modify that. But maybe I should add some legs.

To the textures: Yes , I’ll try it and will pose it in the final pose to test the lighting.
I think, I’ll made a skydome + a “sun” which makes shadows…

cya henrik