Mech-Contest WIP +++ Updated again!

(kaktuswasse) #1

Here is the Mech I’m working on:

for the updated version look at my last post in this thread,thanks:

I started yesterday evening so it’s a very early wip.

well,I have a question, how will you animate your hydraulics?
I dont know it because they have to go in and out if the body moves…

cya henrik

(harkyman) #2

Here’s a fine tutorial from S68 on just this very thing…

(kaktuswasse) #3

Cool! Thank you very much for the link! And thank YOU s68 for the tut !

(Andy Goralczyk) #4

very nice :o
it could use some chrome/ metal/ plastic textures now and a bit more detail for the head [eyes, and so on…]
it’s a great start :smiley:


(kaktuswasse) #5

thank you! Texturing will be the last thing i do. I’m now at the hydraulics.
Yes,the eyes will come(one of the last things).

(valarking) #6

looking pretty good

  1. i can see into the body. the edges look paper thins
  2. the head is flat and lifeless

(kaktuswasse) #7

yes,the head is the last thing i will model out.

(kaktuswasse) #8

Well, i played a little bit with the textures:

so say what you think.

cya henrik[/img]

(beatabix) #9

those engines on the back look razor thin.
you should bevel the edges, a simple bit of extruding and scaling. then they’ll catch some nice highlights and look much cooler.
and, maybe as a bit of superfluous detail, put spiked engine cones inside them, like in those old experimental jets.


(kaktuswasse) #10

yeah, thank you for the tips!

(blengine) #11

thats looking great… the added textures are awesome…more wires perhaps?? hehe, u cant go wrong with wires! they always look so cool!
and how about some extra turbo boost rocket turbine engines under the wings??
u dont just want this thing to fly, u want this thing to FLY!!!

(BgDM) #12

Nice job. I see you got the UV texturing figured out :wink: I played wiht your blend file, and I think you just had the faces selected wrong. That was it.

Keep upt he good work :smiley:


(kaktuswasse) #13

thank you. No, at the end i didnt use UV-Mapping,but thank you that you looked at it!

cya henrik