Mech - Hard surface modelling practice.

I am new to Blender and 3d in general. (about 2 months). I started on a few simple things but wanted to try something a bit more difficult. I start doing some hard surface modelling practice and made it this far.
Now I have got to texture it. Since I have never done any UV Texturing (besides a cube) it could take me a while.

Very nice work, especially for two months. Welcome to the forums!

Thanks! Although The image I uploaded in the post doesn’t appear to me unless I click on the broken image icon. I have some older stuff I did while I was learning (Currently have them on deviantart) but not sure if should put older stuff up here. Would be nice to have some feedback and I have been reading the forums here since I started using blender.

Yikes! I’m scared of you, you did all that within two months of learning to use 3d software. I am seriously impressed.

I see so much good stuff out there. Mind you The mesh is probably horrific and messy as I think there a probably better ways of doing things ha ha.
I guess it’s gonna take time to become better. Especially learning how to texture properly.

If you haven’t found them yet, a plug for a free tutorial site (with paid extra goodies)
Also, didn’t notice the first time you were an Aussie. We’ll take the forums by numbers one day… If it happens to be Adelaide I’m planning a user group meeting in a little while.

Regarding the image not showing up as a thumbnail, it’s not just you. The mods are looking into it. If for some reason you do something differently with your next upload and it works then please let us know. :slight_smile: I have an hunch it is something to do with the formatting settings for image placement.

2 month? Jezuz. it took like two month to actually gasp just the -concept- of vertices (/me thinks without scupting-software I would have just skipped the whole kidn’kaboodle in the first place). Mesh or not man. That’s dammned impressive :eek:

Thanks for that.

Yeah I have watched most of the tutorials at blendercookie,blender guru,blender nerd etc.

Guess a lot of practice will get me there eventually.

thanks kyomotion. I haven’t touched Sculpting yet lol. Wanted to make sure I could do the basics. This only started out as a practice and I kept going ha ha.

This is what I started doing and I thought I would see how far I could go with what I have learned so far.

Anyone know a good way to do scratches in Gimp. Trying to make some decent textures and going for scratches/explosions etc.

Texturing test. Any thoughts on how much scratching should be there and should it mainly be along the corners/edges? - a similar sort of thing to oggle over / learn from. :slight_smile:

When texturing it helps to think in real world terms of the objects history. Scratches on the edge make sense because that is where it would rub against more things and get wear and tear. Also on outer sections of the model ie that rocket pod compared to the protected underbelly of the cockpit. However, even though the ‘pelvis’ joints are right in the centre and away from external wear and tear, they would also be quite faded/worn due to the amount of constant useage from the legs moving. A bit late in the day now, but to sum up the biggest hint I can give - think of the history on an object and backtrack the details from there. - good stuff expanding on that point. Enjoy!

Thanks for the references. So much to learn lol.

Any feedback on this texturing so far? I am using this part to try and get the hand of UV Texturing so any feedback is good.

i dont see any obvious technical issues with it this far, but one comment i would like to make, i think you’re overdoing the weathering. Military equipment is usually maintained. some scratching is good, but this is a little too much in my opinion.

btw a quick tip that might make catching mistakes easier if you dont already know about it: in the UV editing panel, on texture selection, close the active texture, click new, and check “UV test grid” (and set shading to “textured”). if you see any major distortion in the grid on the model it might be a sign of trouble.

Thanks for the tip.
One of the reasons I am doing so many scratches and stuff is because I am thinking of making a mid battle/war scene. So there is probably going to be scorch marks and other sort of damage as well. Still too many scratches?

Hi Jayfelsman. :slight_smile:
I would say it’s WAY too many scratches, because the rocket launching thingy wouldnt be exposed to weathering… Especially if it’s on top. Maybe, You could explain some of these scratches if there would be a major bump/crack in the surface of pod? (Result of rocket/debris hit?) Anyways, great model :slight_smile:

all right fair enough, but ordinary bullets and rockets probably wouldnt damage quite in this way, although i imagine physical contact with buildings or other machines would.

Thanks for the tips. It’s kinda gonna be in the middle of a firefight and will be some debris and stuff. But I think there are too many scratches as you have pointed out. Especially around the front.

Will reduce the numbers and add some scorch mark style ones instead.

Appreciate the pointers.

Nice work!