Mech needed.

Im currently working on a idea i drew more than a year ago of a rifle that looks like a revolver and is meant for robots to use .
Here is a early sketch and reference image i used.

And here is how it currently looks.

I still have a long way to go and hope it turns out right!
I just wanted to post it here and share so i could get feedback as i go so it can get better.
after im done with modeling the low poly and high poly im planing to use substance painter as well to give it a even better look.

Also im currently studying (learning) modeling and learning to use blender and maybe 3ds max,so if you have any good tips for a starter like me,say it
The rail is actually a piece of the barrel i just painted it a bit differently so its not everything the same color.

In most if not all of the modeling tuts i watched they keep saying that having squares that are equal is a must.But than i see some of the weapon models and they dont have that at all! so if anybody can just explain a bit about that,thanks.I know equal squares are for models that will deform,does that mean still objects can just be made straight out of ngons?

A little something i was playing around with.
Wanted to make both this variant and a variant with swapped colors,and a pink-cyan variant!

As you might see here i added the trigger and a few details here and there.
Im trying for a look combining sci-fi look and rigid,classic look of a revolver,having a few bolts here and there sticking out.

Im thinking of adding a rail at the bottom that is tucked in the bottom part of the barrel a bit so the entire thing is not sticking out but im not sure about that.

Also im trying to decided how the drum would look.As currently it looks very basic/default.I was thinking about making it a bit more boxy and sharp and add a few lights that indicate if there is a bullet in the chamber.

And here are the rest of the views and how the robot would hold it

Im still not 100% sure about the proportions,both the bot and the gun.Im thinking that the bot is bigger than a average human about 2.5m so the gun would be a little bit smaller than a human.

The reason why the muzzle brake has a lot of polygons is that i used a boolean operation to cut the hole.I will when im finished optimize the holes.
Also the guard and the joint should and will be combined with the barrel as the barrel rotates downward with the drum in order to change the bullets.

And please feel free to leave your opinion,comment or critique on it! i will be more than happy to listen