Mech robot

Hi all, this is my first ral project in blender, just finished the basics of the model, or so i think at least.

Still practising, so c&c is welcomed :slight_smile:

Nice start :slight_smile:

good design, but you might want to use the ‘Set Smooth’ and ‘AutoSmooth’ buttons on most parts.

Futhermore meshes are painfully unbevelled, I mean, they are full of sharp edges, but this latter issue is not so easy so, for now, just try some setsmooth/autosmooth :slight_smile:


Ah!!! learnt another thing today then!Thanks!

I only tried set smooth once before and didnt get a satisfactory result, due to too much smooth, but as i learnt now, i can set the angle of auto smooth - wich ofcourse rids the previous problem.

Before i only used subsurf, but it dosent give of nice sharp edges at all…

right, back to it then :smiley:

Good modelisation but I think its center of gravity is far too back, it would’nt be able to stand up in real world as the tibias are too long comparing to the short thighs.

Very good job anyway.


Nice work! You could go either way from here; to the chunky, box type style bot or the smooth, rounded, sleek style bot.

Texturewise, it would be cool to do it in Yafray but if you are just beginning a black cockpit and a material with high spectrum would be cool.

very nice although it would have been awesome with subsurf. just remember in the future where you want a sharp edge throw in another ring really close to it and you should achieve a tight corner when subsurfing.

great job!

hey thanks for tips, im really focused on making it look good now, but gonna have to go back a few saves to achive the right model…

but I think its center of gravity is far too back, it would’nt be able to stand up in real world as the tibias are too long comparing to the short thighs

eh… he he, you are very right about this, sp i added a little feature :smiley:

oh btw; not totally nice and correct, i tried the autosmooth on these last three, and it works very nicely i think(always thought of it as a easy way around, wrong about that tho :slight_smile: )I just have to tweak a bit…

Looking good, but I don’t like the wheel. It looks like an after thought.

it is, its a joke,
i have to redo the legs because og the balance problem mentioned earlier :smiley:

Put a Sedgeway logo (you know, that two wheel gyro scooter) and you don’t have to worry about the balance issue. :smiley:

Nice model though. Keep working with it.

Hehe, the Segway of the future! :smiley:

Doesn’t the wheel move th center of gravity even further back?

I think you should take that out and extend the cockpit further forward.

Hi! Really nice model, but it would be great with some bevels and correctly placed center of gravity! Good luck, and keep up the good work! :slight_smile:

the wheel is meant to touch the floor, like a tail that would correct the centre of balance, but thankfully it was just a joke, cos it’s really out of place against the mech.

The legs look like they’re designed to work, although you don’t have any motors/tubes or something like that to actually make them move. Try adding something like that, it will give your mech more detail and everyone loves detail.

For your first project, this is coming along really nicely.

I like the way the mech looks. I wouldn’t mess with the center of gravity. I mean nothing says it doesn’t have an anti-grav lev pods strapped to it. Whatever happened to imagination? So many pieces of technology that don’t exist yet would have to go into something like this in order for to work and you’re all concerned about the center of gravity?? Reminds me of when you’re watching a movie and you say, “Thats so stupid! He wouldn’t live through that!” And then you remember its just a movie! :wink: