Mech Update - Small one & Some Help

(BgDM) #1

Here is a front and side composite view of my mech:

Not much of an update. Just starting on the feet. My question is, does the placement of the foot look OK where it currently is, or should it be place slightly differently?

Just want some opinions.



(slikdigit) #2

Positioning is Good. Looks like the mech would be balanced in this position. It might be cool if the ‘snout’ were longer and underslung relative to the body. Just a thought. The shape of the canopy might need some tweaking.

(digitalSlav) #3

agree as well - the front shot is very detailed and the profile is under developed compared to it. the enhancements mentioned might help to eliviate this

(BgDM) #4

Thanks for the replies guys. I agree about the side profile. Definitley needs some tweeking and some additions.

Here is a render of the foot, as it sits right now:

Anyone else?


(lerpiedood) #5

Very cool! Nice work on the creased edges.

(digitalSlav) #6

the foot looks very solid and functional. nice design. maybe give the bottom part of the ankle? the spherical piece more definition on the edge - it looks paper thin. other than that maybe some detail on the actual toe pieces?

keep em coming! i wanna see you finish this one :slight_smile:

(paradox) #7

Looking good. It is always fun to watch something progress.

(kaktuswasse) #8

looks good. But i think the foot is a little bit too big.

yca henrik

(S68) #9


Like the feet, not too big IMHO, but too symmetric… If you take away/bend the inner toe then you can place the feet less spaced (and improve mech stability :slight_smile: )