mech update

(Nayman) #1

well, textured, and i did a walk cycle, and it looks fine in blender, but when i animate, it doesnt render, Why?

anyhoo, here ya go, hope you enjoy

it is a police bot, hence the lights

(bg3D) #2

Looking good. Cool lights! How’d you do em?

(BgDM) #3

Very Cool!

Definitley some info on doing the lights. Awesome texturing job.

The feet seem a little small. Don’t know why I didn’t notice it before, but they seem to be a bit small, for the girth of the cockpit.


(digitalSlav) #4

nice mec - no vid! just a single frame!

(Nayman) #5

the lights are jsut halo’s with flares and a cyclic alpha channel fro m1 to 0

simple stuff

(S68) #6


Pretty cool… nice materials and flares… be aware that current trend says at least 6 legs for a mech :wink:


(rixtr66) #7

not bad! cool lights.