Here is a my take on the mech warrior like robot. The idea is for him to end up in a misty forest firing a gatling gun (I need to add that). C&C requested, particularly on the textures, I was going for a desert camo feel, but I can’t get the spots to stand out as much as I would like, it looks more like a woodgrain.

Front Profile:

Side Profile:

p.s. this is my first time ever modeling a complex object

hey, your lookin good

a couple crits;

the main body part(where the legs connect to) looks a little low on the polys

it also looks like the mech might topple over in real life(with the head being so large)

other than that it looks great !

Your right, the head is kinda big. The “torso” is also somewhat low poly, but I’m not sure how to add verticies without taking away the armor plate style I was going for. I’m also thinking on changing the camo pattern to green since it just occured to me that I’m going to be putting this in a forest not a desert.

So here is the new version in green, with smaller command pod (head) I subdivided the torso and tried to smoth things out in general while still mainting a plate like shape. Next come the gatling gun and missle launcher that I’m planning on mounting on the “shoulders”.

hey ! thats definitely comin along !

now with the texture…i would advise trying out UV mapping…either that, or try not to use the exact same texture on the whole thing…give it some difference with the parts that way it doesnt all look like a big green “thing” the model looks great though ! keep up the good work my friend

One little point I would make is the axle for the legs. Having it exposed like this would be a weak point for a weapon like this is supposed to be. I would recommend you bring the legs in flush to the body.

Just my opinion. Other than that, I like it. :smiley:

Well here is the latest version with gatling gun and missle box. I tweaked the textures and removed all the internal faces I could find that were throwing off the subsurf. Coulnd’t really do much with the textures, but I think I got them to look a little more like camoflage. I thought about trying to map an insignia onto him, but I couldn’t get him to unwrap and I really am not sure how to do thinsg like that (p.s. I suck w/ textures). Here are the mechs basically finished state along with the beginnings of his environment.
Front Profile:
Side Profile:

still lookin for C&C

model - pretty good, I imagine how much time you have spent on working on this.
The lightning - there should be more than just one source of light and they should be placed around the model in such a work, when you don’t mean the light to create some shadow effect or something. you should think about it.

I began constructing the jungle to surround my mech, bad textures, I’m in need of suggestions, particularly on the bark of the trees, anyone know any good tree making tutes. I was going for lush jungle and I got dying wasteland on the edge of the desert.