Mecha (caution mild nudity)

Took about 3 weeks so far and that is cuz i had to learn to do the body still needs tweaked, next i need to do the head, and tweak some stuff


due to confusion i had to edit, the pic below is Feng Zhu’s DRAWING not a render, it is only a reference pic for the above picture

based on the works of Feng Zhu

Nice start,

I perspective doesn’t allow me to judge learly but I think hads are kinda small.

Hips too looks too narrow withrespect to shoulders.

Wings are very cool.


nice ass, but a little too narrow as s68 already pointed out. it would be a good idea to post this pic in the traditional art forum. other than that, great!

Why would he post in a traditional forum when he is building a model. I agree with the hips but think it is a good start and looking good so far. I too love the wings.

WOW! I had no idea the toon rendering in Blender was that powerful!!! crits:
I like long legs, but these legs look a bit TOO long compared to the length of the body, and arms. same agreement on the asss/hips, and maybe the breast could be made a little fuller.

This should be interestin’ when it’s done!

I demand full nudity, damn it :<