Mecha Entry - Texture Test

(BgDM) #1

Here is a texture test for my Mecha Shark entry for the contest:

I am not sure I like the base colour. I am more interested in what you all think of the rust colours that I have here so far. Do they look OK? Any advice or crits would be appreciated.

The texture was painted by me in Photoshop, (with a damned mouse - what a pain), and also did the bump a specular maps as well.

Thanks in advance.


(kaktuswasse) #2

sorry,but nothing looks like rust for me. It’s more like it fell in a red paint-bucket :wink:

(theeth) #3

uhm… the rust is probably the brownish part…

I think it looks more like an algua residue or something like this. It’s a nice effect though, and probably more appropriate than plain rust.


(BgDM) #4

hmmmm, I guess I need to define it a bit more and make the bump a little better to get more definition there.

I will work on it some more.

Thanks guys.


(harkyman) #5

While you’re painting the textures, you may want to consider throwing in some sea-like corrosion, i.e. greens and blues. Looks like you’re definitely on the right track though.

(scrappy) #6

i think instead of making it red you should go with a nice cold blue metal color. that would look great, and the metal panels would look better too.