Mecha Tutorial??

(CBlair1986) #1

Hi. I was wondering if anyone, anywhere, had created a tutorial on anime(japanese animation)-style giant robots. Everyone loves these things, right?? :slight_smile:

Anyways, if anyone has created a tutorial, let me know, eh??

(CurtisS) #2

I don’t know of any tuts that deal specifically with anime style but maybe this old tut frm Iceman will help.

(CBlair1986) #3

Hrmm… Yeah, it is a nice tutorial. It might help me somewhat, but perhaps anyone with experience making a mecha could mail me one of their partial/completed projects?? Please??? :slight_smile:

EMAIL: [email protected]

(Ronson) #4

Just pick up one of the 3DS models at 3DCafe there are a few Valkery comes to mind. It’s from Robotech Masters I believe VF2. Unpack the zip (no textures with this model so you will have to make your own). Use a program called Crossroads to convert it to a VMRL 2.0 and then open the *.wrl file into blender. You know can rescale it down as in most cases the 3DS file is a large model and position it as you like. Save as a *.blend file. Open a new blend (File - New) and append (File - Append) all of the OBJECTS into it and resave (this removes the VMRL Tag). Bingo you have a blend of a 3DS Mecha you can play with till the cows come home.

There are quite a few 2D tutorials out there on Mecha Design that could be helpfull. Most times models start out in the 2D world before making a 3D model of them. Trust me it is better that way. When I try to model it helps big time to have a referance of the model to look at while your working out how to make it in 3D.

3D Cafe
Crossroads can found here

Great 2D mecha Tutorials
Polykarbon 2D mech Tutorial
Studio Mica

Also look for ‘mecha art’ online there are more links out there for atleast the 2D versons. I think there are a few 3d Gundam sites out there that have models available.

Hope that helps.


(OTO) #5

I hate japanese style giant robots but i’ve made some tutorials
that may help you :slight_smile:
Look here