Mechanical Confusion

what could he be thinking about…

little project of mine, time to call it finished, critique or comment are always appreciated!


(best if you see it in full size)


he’s sad because he can’t smoke the cigarettes near him… ?? :smiley:
nice work :eyebrowlift:

Is that a cigarette on the news paper? It looks a little to big. Other than that, nice job. Really nice texturing on the brick wall…

thanks for the comments guys! i was on the fence with cigarettes(might upload one with out later)


The robot is rather plastic look. The entire scene blends well. Nice work!
You use particle on the grass?

great work. Nice attention to detail with the textures of the worn brick and stuff. Pretty solid modeling. Although could benefit from more detail. The problem I have with this pic (i suppose this is just artistic taste) is the lighting. It looks incredibly flat and boring to me. I feel like this still could be MUCH better with the following:

  1. ambient occlusion - I don’t seem to see any. This exterior scene is BEGGING for some soft shadows in places that are being occluded from environmental light.

  2. raytraced reflection - Don’t see that here either. I think for a still there’s not much reason to have just about every material have at least some diffused reflection. It is essential to achieving realistic results. Especially your robot character there.

  3. HDR/environment lighting - Also in my opinion, there’s no reason for an exterior scene to not have an HDRI casting some varying tones onto the scene. You’ll need reflections to do this. It also helps to get rid of the ugly “CG” look, and artistically speaking the tonal variation makes the whole scene more interesting.

This is all just my opinion. Maybe you weren’t going for a more realistic type of scene, but even if it was meant to be surreal then I think these things would still help a ton. Don’t get me wrong I think you’ve done a GREAT job with this. But imo the lighting/shading in general is very weak.

I would be proud if I made that though.

haha, thanks for bringing up my old work guys, yes i used particles for the grass, but it was a very weak particle set up IMO, pretty sure i used ambient occlusion cause it’s like my favorite button, all reflections are raytraced perhaps i’ve made it too subtle, got an image for the world, not HDR though, i used soft shadows thought i was pretty accurate perhaps they should be softer, oh well appreciate the input always in the mood for a good crit, hmm the lighting does stink

lighting does indeed look very flat