Mechanical Engineer needed to make robot hands
Location: Bristol
Salary: Let’s talk!
Start date: ASAP
The challenge:
We’re creating light-weight robotic prosthetic hands that are ‘smart’, functional, great looking and sell for under £1,000. We’re also applying this technology to the robotics sector, where universities can use it to advance the field of Robotics.
The desirables:
You will be familiar (if not in love) with 3D printing
You will have experience with Blender 3D modelling software
You will be a maker/tinkerer and part of the maker movement
You will have a passion for prosthetics and design
You will have experience with CAD software
You will have a mechanical engineering, robotics, or an engineering design degree
You will have practical electronics/robotics experience
The opportunity:
We’re looking for an energetic mechanical engineer to help create awesome robotic hands for amputees and humanoid robots. This exciting position is ideal for graduates or experienced engineers looking to join a multi award-winning startup.
As our mechanical engineer, your responsibilities will be to lead the engineering design process and testing phases of all products. You will work closely with the lead designer to create prosthetic hands that are functional and beautiful, and as the ideal candidate, you’ll be highly motivated, innovative, experimental, and self-driven.
If you join us, you’ll be based inside the Bristol Robotics Laboratory’s (BRL) technology incubator surrounded by exciting technology startups. We currently share office space with several other exciting robotics startups, making everything from educational rovers to advanced battle bots. The environment is very welcoming and the incubator is a place of shared expertise and talent.
Whilst we’d love to offer you a salary to compete with the likes of Airbus and Rolls Royce, realistically it’s just not possible. However, we can offer you something Airbus and good ol’ Rolls can’t, and that’s creative freedom.
We’re offering an incredibly exciting place to work, a lot of creative freedom in the ways you work, and due credit and support. At Open Bionics you will not be a tiny cog in a big machine but a valued leader in a small company. By developing these robotic prosthetics your work will have a huge impact on thousands of people’s lives. We’re offering a unique opportunity to create products from start to finish and have a huge role in their development. This is a chance to do what you love, get paid, and change people’s lives for the better.
This is the perfect time to join the team. We’re now entering the creative design phase for our ‘superhero’ children hands, so the roadmap for the next couple of months promises to be a lot of fun for a talented engineer!
We’re based inside the University of the West of England’s BRL on the Frenchay Campus in Filton. The BRL is a world-leading innovation and robotics research centre.
Fancy joining the team? Email us your cover letter and CV to [email protected]
Or see what we do on Twitter > @openbionics :eyebrowlift2:

Hello I am curious about everything you posted especially what method of sensory input/feedback you are utilising as I was told is extremely expensive and difficult to seperate myelin layers to map nerve to sensor encephalously. And I could’nt even begin to understand tactil feedback in the same manner. Would appreciate the info especially if your company has access to a integrated circuit replication suite and manufacturer.