Mechanical hand modeling?

I would like to know how to model the ankles on fingers and on the wrist?

Last time i checked, ankles are exclusive to feet.

As for mechanical hand modeling, show us what you have so far.

I don’t have anything. I can’t imagine the workflow to do it. I meant the phalanxes of the fingers.

I guess I need to make smaller parts of the finger, than make a phalanx bridge (which I don’t know how) and copy it 5 times
and somehow place them in hand position.

Darn high tech :wink:
But i guess i might have one to disassemble around, not so intricate tho.

Will be some days for a grabs around, see if this helps.

Eppo, it surely does help :slight_smile: .

I understand beveled curves but I can’t understand this cube and other cubes.

Well, just start by selecting 4 edges around Cube, Ctrl-B to bevel them. Will get something like cylinder. Grab some faces, extrude along X as per image… In general, Ctrl-B, I to inset, LoopTools addon Circle and Bridge, S to scale, G to grab is almost all you’d need.
If you select vertex in the middle of edge crossing and Ctrl-Shift-B, move mouse a bit and scroll mouse wheel once you’re pretty close to making a round hole: W ->LoopTools - >Circle.
Just play around that default Cube ;).
It’s good to reuse parts while modelling and know snapping to place them.

Ok, I’ll try.
What snapping options were you using when did you make this?

Vertex snapping mostly. Both in object and edit mode.