Mechanics help needed

Hello i am new to blender,but i read the first chapters of the manual at
Now i would like to build a working car wheel for a car.And i want to control that car whith the game engine.(i already know how to control something using keybourd)

But i dont know how to make the car wheel turn and stay atached to the car frame.

Is there any good tutorial on making mechanial parts work???

There is a tutorial for that here and there are more useful tutorials for a car game on the main tutorial page. It’s a bit of python, but it shouldn’t be any problem.

…or have a look into the VehicleWrapper for non-programer.
A stearing wheel is not necessary and wouldn’t have any function, but you can keep it for the show.

Thanks for the reaction i looked on the websites and they are sure intresting but not what i am looking for.

I am looking for some information on constraints and armiture, so i know how to use them to make mechanicle parts to work

Hello again.

I have bin looking on a lot of websites and i figerd out how to make a basic joint using the hinge constraint.:o

I made a litle car which moves using torque force on the weels.

Now i am making another mechanism for the front wheels to turn.
But i encounter the following problem;

The wheels must turn when i hit a key and aply force to using actuators but not when the encounter a roud obsticle.

Is there some way to lock a hinge joint(maby using a constraint)

Help is welcome