Mechwarrior game

Heres a quick screen of my mech, it has rotating torso lasers, rockets and variable walk cycles, expect more soon.

Hope that works, otherwise[/img]

Kool can I have one?!? :smiley:

It would beat travelin to uni on the train, and I’d never get stuck in a traffic jam eva again! :smiley: :wink: :stuck_out_tongue:

No seriously looks like quite a good mesh. Looking forward to seein it in action. :slight_smile:

Keith. 8) [/b]

wow how many polys?

Seach and Destroy mode…
Kill them alll!!!

Sorry… volatile Imagination… :smiley:
I like very much! [You kan notice that :stuck_out_tongue: , huh?]
[Although there’s something funky with the position of the legs…]

Its about 800 polys, the legs look funny because the top of the mech can rotate like a tank turret. Im working on a test level, its starts with an intro with a drop ship landing and flies off as you start walking. Ive got all of the terrain on the first level done now ive just got to add the building and enemies. I tried to take a screen shot firing the lasers but becuase it pulses it never shows…

You can put in a temporary python script to automatically make a screen shot when the laser is fired.

I think the function is:


Im not sure bout that without checkin on my computer at home, cos its not in the online documentation.

Keith. 8)