mechwarrior themed helicopter sim

Hi, I’m working on a helicopter sim.
This is actually my third game test, I did a 1st/3rd person zombie shooter at first, then a chopper sim using only logic blocks and this is my next step. This one uses python for most things.

I already have all the models and textures ready (well, maybe minus some buildings), just need to put it all togther.

In the demo you can see a script in action which I wrote for fading sound more quickly with distance, as the dropoff function in python didn’t seem to work well for me. Also there is a night vision script.

Anyway, check out the demo, see what you think of the flying. No guns added yet, but as I’m just updating them from my logic brick version to python, shouldn’t be difficult.

Exe and files for download

Oh yeah, almost forgot.
AWSD for movement, QE for strafe, I for night vision, L for landing gear, arrow up and down for set engine power. SPACE to start the engine.


Wow! Great work on this. It runs wonderfully on Linux Mint. The sound fading is perfect. Can’t wait to play this as a game.

BTW, you forgot to mention C for change camera view.

Why allways EXE?
Please, upload the blend.
It doesnt work at Fedora :frowning:

It seems to work quite well- I don’t know if it’s just my mac or not, but when the propellers spin up past a certain speed a really sharp and pretty loud buzzing starts, when I expect to hear mroe of the thumping noise a helicopter tends to make. The control scheme itself is quite good, though. Just a couple notes, I’d lighten up the helicopter a bit, it looks like there’s details there but I can’t really see them, and also I’d make the sound a bit quieter- even though in a real helicopter it’s quite loud, from a gameplay standpoint it’s probably best not to have it totally overpowering like it would be in real life.

Dilopho- I know this trick works on mac, and I suspect it works on linux too- try opening the exe with blenderplayer (not blender itself) after all, the data in the exes blender exports are stored in a .blends format, and it seems blenderplayer can ignore the executable code and just read the blend.

first this gave an error about missing wrap_oal.dll for my xp and i downloaded dll.
then worked well. good sounds and night vision.

Thanks for the feedback, The pitch of the proppellers is keyed to the engine power property. In blender it’s giving good results, but in the EXE it gives a flat result after 50% power…?? need to play with the script a little, and modify the sound file. That’s why I upload in EXE I want feedback on the final result on different people’s computers.

The end game is going to take place in early evening/ night so it should be dark. I want the light and dark contrast to really stand out.

Thanks for your feedback. ^-^

it didnt even work on my laptop. said there was a file missing.

OK, that’s also good feedback, I couldn’t get it to work at my office either ^-^
What file is missing? So I can make sure it’s included in the update.

Also forgot to say, in cockpit cam, you can use Z and X to zoom the view.

Next update;
more working instruments,
enemy and weapons
crash and weapons damage
refueling and re-arming

also blendfile.

My bad the name of the file missing would probably be helpful huh lol. It says wrap_oal.dll could not be found.


I like it, looking forward to seeing where this goes.

here you can try out my missile firing model and script, in development.
I used someone else’s track-to script, I’m going to clean it up a bit for the final game.

The short range missiles will track-to very acurately, but will have a time limit (will run out of fuel) whilst Long range missiles will have less movement deviation but only track to when near the enemy target.


srm_test.blend (320 KB)

Really nice script :yes:

…but it kinda slow down my killing machine when i shoot 10 missiles at time :confused:

Yeah, still working on optimising it. However, the game is only going to have machines capable of firing up to 2 missiles at once.

The problem is the smoke, wait for an updated blend. Maybe the next one will have the full blend, helicopter.