Medieval bedroom

Finaly i finished my latest work. I know about the white dots and i will try to solve them soon. Hope you will like it :).

some closeups:

Boy, that is a beautiful decanter. Big, but beautiful. Is this a shot from Restoration Hardware’s Fall 1599 catalog?

good job.materials are fine

True very nice image. Well done!

Nice lighting and modelling. Love all the little details you’ve put into it and the furniture is amazing. My only problem is that the floor on the other room really feels like an image texture if you know what i mean, maybe its just me…

DId you use a reference image? You had to do some research though,

I like it! I find the white player’s strategy on the chessboard a bit odd though :stuck_out_tongue:

I like it too… very nice and very well done. I really like the materials… Love the chess board (its something Id like to try and do as well) but as said by Robert Banks, the white players strategy is definitely a bit odd… :slight_smile:

Nice materials except the wall. Well done.

Thank you for comments :slight_smile:
Tyto alba - i do not know :(, i just found that image in google gallery

  • reference image is here ->

Yarpen - I think you did a great job recreating the scene, but also giving it your own interpretation. My catalog comment was just a silly joke, as I thought the lightning and muted earth tones resembled the Restoration Hardware aesthetic (, only from the year 1599 instead of today. :slight_smile:

Tyto alba: thank you
here is original version and also wire

It looks great, the only thing that I don’t like is how flat the bear-skin rug is. It just looks like a photo.

Also shouldn’t we see the window in the mirror?

A bit belated but congratulations on a lovely conception and great execution. One small hint about the chess (apart from having the King out in front - chess nerds will keep telling you about that I’m afraid) - the chess pieces you used are modern Staunton pieces which would not have been around in medieval or even renaissance times.
And if you are checking back may I ask how you are shading that final monochrome render I see lots of people using that and I am thinking it must be a compositing thing maybe?

Mistr_Figgs: nope there are no windows on the oposite site of the mirror
DruBan: If you mean the wireframe, try to check this tutorial