Medieval Catapult

This medieval catapult (a “trebuchet”) is part of a series of assets I am currently modelling/sculpting for an animation I’m working on. I used Blender 3.3. for everything except texturing, which I did in Substance Painter. The goal is to make it look like it is a model made out of stone.

For fun I also textured it with wood and metal:


It looks good, but it doesn’t have a counterweight- this trebuchet, as you’ve constructed it, has no way to fire a projectile


Great work ! :clap:

Actually, I’ve seen that some of these trebuchet were pulled by mens, but these trebuchet were much smaller than the usual ones use for siege :


Hell yeah! Great party idea. Now just a tower of beer to destroy! I don’t like beer.


I featured you on BlenderNation, have a great weekend!

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Thank you!! :slight_smile:

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As previously mentioned, they were driven by a huge weight - usually a big box of rocks.

Here’s one I made in Cinema 4D about a decade ago.

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