Medieval Chest

Hello everyone,
this is my latest model i have been working on for a Survival Horror Project. I incorporated a few different designs i found of chests online and basically put them into one. This model is meant to be low-poly for the unity game engine but as of right now its not very lowpoly (627faces). I am happy with the way the modeling turned out and i think im ready to start texturing it. C&C is very welcome. I will post more progress soon.


Why has no one given any critique or comment? It’s not bad is it? :confused:

The modeling looks good to me but it’s really hard to tell. the first 2 the lighting is too strong to make out much and the second with the white on white makes it difficult as well.

But, looks good from what I can see.

Just needs a good texture job.

Chests usually have latches to keep it closed and a lock.
Why doesn’t your chest have these common details?

Well you are definately right about chests having locks, but since this chest will be used for holding potions and health etc… It will not be locked. The texturing is almost done btw and I’ll post more pics soon here and on the Survival Horror project thread in the WIP and Game Demos section of the forum.

Looking good, though a bit high poly (depends on the scale of the object in-game of course). The cross there in the middle seems to have the most unneccesary polys.
I thought about the lock too, but I guess there’s a logical reason for it’s absence.

Looking forward to textured version.