Medieval helm

Here is a medieval helm. Since there is really no tutorials out there on how to model medieval armor and the ones that are are not blender specific. I decided to take it in my own hands to figure out how to model medievally. The helm is just the start.


It’s alright for a start. I think you should focus on a specific design (say, a Norman helm from about 1050 AD, or a German helm from the 1500’s).

Nice model, but if you are planning to put this into an actual render you will have to texture that helm a lot. In terms of modeling it’s pretty good though.

Actually, krisnack, this a spangenhelm. It’s a pretty good start, but some of the plates are off, and are missing rivets, seams, etc.

Thank you, I did not know that. In that case I believe that I will definitely be necessary to model the missing details.