medieval house + NEW RENDER

Hey guys, just wanna show you this render I made, hope you like it…

EDIT: I made this new (better) render, hope you like it 2.


Really cool, I’m making a medieval game right now, so it interests me a lot, really great job, I’m not going to critqe on anything. Really nice.

thanks alot :smiley:

looks great!
the background sky doesn’t seem to fit though - it doesn’t reflect the lighting that you’ve got on the house

but apart from that, it’s pretty good!

Nice image. The only thing I would say is that the house and foreground area almost looks a bit too sharp and uniformly sharp, like the sharpness was filtered over the render before adding the background clouds. (Or maybe it’s just how the attachment was re-compressed.)

I disagree, the lighting sets the mood for a “stormy evening” imo.

I have the issue that the textures seem very noisy.

I did the background real quick, so still working on that now :wink:

or… OSA wasn’t enabled :wink: I forgot to put it on, sorry.

Oh and don’t forget, this is low-poly, total poly count: ~3000.

Very nice, textures seem a bit harsh but good work!

Could you maybe release a .blend(with textures), i really like your style :slight_smile:

Ok, maybe tomorrow or something, send me your email, so I can send you.

I uploaded a new render, check it out

Much better. The thing that sticks out to me now is the ground texture. It looks too bright and pristine. For realism, you want it to be much more ‘grungy.’

Thanks for you reply, I’ll work on it!

I agree.

You know what the ground needs?
Try the Blender Guru tutorial:

Also less filtering on the textures plx.

Wow really thanks A LOT!