Medieval House

Hi to all, this is my first project in Blender, and first post on this forum :slight_smile: For this work I use Blender 2.56 and Gimp for textures,it took me about 10 days to complete.

:eek: That’s amazing!

I suck at modelling buildings… Maybe you could tell me some details about how you did this? :smiley:

That’s a fantastic first piece! My only critique would be a less “doom and bloom” sort of look and play with a more colourful palette, but I’m merely nitpicking. Good job.

Really nice work.

looks super cool!
one question:-
have u made that vegetation at the back of house in blender too or u used gimp for painting some of these?
anyways very nice results.

very nice! did u use a generator for the ivy or did u model?

OMG! my stupid net this is the second time i double posted.
oh but how bout a tutorial on creating such vegetation?

Nice! Please let us see some more of the model.

First I would like to thank everyone for such positive responses:)

For this work I used several references of medieval houses, I was much inspired by some of the games with such an environment.
I started from a low poly base, later I added blocks to the house, which are mainly deformed by hand:) To make vegetation have used several models from yorik blender greenhouse, which I later manually modified.

For the background I used a pictures with dense vegetation, which I combined in compositing.

I hope you understood me, sorry for my bad English

here is some wip


scene without textures


model = perfect
textures/materials are not as good.

excellent work, well done

Fantastic job! Everything looks great.

@hr0nic: great work, for the first project :slight_smile:

Very inspiring!

Very nice - good detail

Great work. Your research paid off: the house is very correct for its time (I’m an amateur historian). Kudos on your seamless integration of photos for the vegetation and for letting us know that’s how you did it.

Side note: am I the only one who thinks that Blender is very, very, weak for vegetation? Maybe that will get better after this release is finalized.

thank you all for your comments, I am very pleased with Blender, I am happy I managed to switch to this program:)

i hear for some ivy generator for Blender, i like to try it in my next work, but i think that everything can be done with modeling

Yes Ivy is great solution I didn’t try it so far but here is some good link to get some help

milan981, thanks for the link!

Wow, this is outstanding work, and inspiring as well for those of us just starting. Kudos hr0nic!