Medieval wall


How have you done the modelling and textures? Looks almost like a photoscan.

hiya, was done using UV modeling and textures were provided as part of the tutorial i was following. Displacement modifiers were used, some subservice stuff too… Its only one part of a bigger scene.


Looks great! One question, did you use any image texture for the bricks? If yes, how would you go about it if the wall size was much larger

hiya, i used a pre given texture and when scaled up and down in UV editing the bricks size changed too. i assume that this would be the case no matter what size of wall was used…id that seems abit vague it s because im new to blender …lol

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Nah you’re good. I ran into this issue when I tried to have a larger wall but keep the brick size the same. Say for a huge monument. The texture keeps repeating (tiling) and I am not sure how to fix it with imaged textures

paid for a course on Udemy and its really good