Medium Tank (Advance Wars)


A simple and small project. Some things (like the grass) could be improved, but it had to be finished rather quickly :spin:
Those boxy vehicles from AW are just so fun to draw/ model.

This is such a good image, PabloM! The combination of cuteness and worn edges is really nice, I love it. The rest of the scene is really nice, too. I like the color choices and the dust trail as well. Excellent work!

wow good cartounish style really i like it Good work !!!

Wow that looks so cute and colorful. could you please upload a wired frame render?

amazing image!
I just finished AW2 this week!
Amazing how you keep both stylisation and realism.

I like it! :smiley: It’s really fun. Simple but pleasant.

This immediately reminded of the game, great work, I really like the smoke/dust effect trailing behind the tank.

This is really cool! I love the texturing. :slight_smile:

You hit a sweet spot with me here–I love Advance Wars. Man, I wish you could show this to Intelligent Systems, and they’d create a new Advance Wars game for the Wii U (something I’ve been hoping they’d do anyways), in this 2D-ish 3D style. Nice work!

I actually like the artistic grass! How did you made it?

It’s just normal hair particles with some density/ length vertex groups :slight_smile: The texture for the color is actually made externally, with Processing.

Not the best, but at least I now know this modifier exists!

Wow, nice! I like it.
It’s cute - but not too cute. Good balance.

How did you do the scratched up edges of the tank?

The material has more than one shader and I just used maps to decide the factor of each shader on the mix shader node, revealing the more glossy silver shader according to the map’s alpha, for example.

Mh… I think I got it. But could you show some example of your Node-Setup? What kind of map? That’s what I don’t get…
Sorry if these questions are too simple, but i’m still quite new to blender… :slight_smile:

Sorry for replying almost a month later! I can’t post a screenshot of the nodes, but basically, you can use an image file (after you’ve UV mapped the object) and connect it to the Factor (Fac) input on a mixed shader node. This way, the black pixels on the image file determine when the second shader connected to the mixed shader node is shown, and how much (depending on the brightness or alpha, I think you can choose).

Here is a map I used for the side of the tank. The black pixels show the silvery shader and the white (or transparent) pixels leave the orange shader.