Meet Ana

Hi All

Started about four months ago on this model in my spare time. Want to say thank you to all the people that posted and gave advice to me on the focused crits thread, this would not have been possible without all your input.

Also want to give a special thanks to FXR for kicking my butt in the correct direction :smiley:
Also to Zeke Faust for his many posts and much advice.
Lastly to my friend minoribus who was plagued by lots of silly questions and plenty of PM’s. Your advice and patience with me has been invaluable. Thank you.

All done in blender and rendered in cycles with some PS at the death.

Head was box modeled from pics @
Head was painted using projection paint in blender, I love it, works so well.
Head has 110 000 hairs as well as about 2500 facial hairs.

1000 samples which took 28 hours :spin:

Not 100% happy as there are things that can be improved, but I am tired of this project now. Intend to do 1 more pic with makeup in PS.

Hopefully you will enjoy.





Pretty girl!

I was waiting for the final result and it turned out wonderful. Every time I look at it I’m still impressed about the hairline - I guess I said it several times :slight_smile: And also the modeling and the lighting are very pleasing. Especially the lighting is very well done since it pronounces the shapes of the face.

(But that must have been another minoribus who have been “plagued”. All I know of was some serious discussions among artists :slight_smile: )

Can’t wait to see your next project.


@teenwolf, thanks

@minoribus, thank you so much, have an idea for a chess project in the back of my head. :smiley:


Yeah niiiice !! :smiley:

I love the eye lashes and eyebrows… and the eyes too. I didn’t realize it was you who made the Darth Maul months ago, you’re very good man. I hope to see your next project soon as well.

See you

@Sol_33, thanks for looking in and your nice comments.

Made the Ana with makeup now, not as easy as it looks when you watching tuts about it, so…hopefully its not overdone.