Meet Blender's 3rd Tree Generator: Grove 3D!

Thank you @wavk for taking the time to answer and clarify the matter.

I second what @Herbert123 said, and I would add that had I been in your place, I probably would’ve put the same restriction on as well.

One thing though: you say

Where is this agreement? I looked over your website and couldn’t find anything about that. Did I miss it? Is it on a checkout page (which I haven’t seen because I haven’t bought The Grove)?

I never had any intention of selling tree assets made with and competing with The Grove. And even if I’m not required to refrain from selling assets, I like the work you are doing and will obey your wishes anyway.

On a different note, is there a way to get a hold of you to ask a couple questions (don’t worry, not GPL related)? I’m still interested in buying The Grove.

wavk: I am in a plan to buy Grove in future too, this could be a really true SpeedTree alternative what is easy to use and ultra stable(i hope). Do you have plans to add game type of optimizations like baking AO and other things that optimize especially for game engines? Quixel textures and Grove could be the best combo for Unreal & other realtime engines.

Is there a way to have more influence over the canopy? I can’t see much options to control twigs.
This is an example from a Disney movie, you can see the leaves are concentrated toward the top and there’s barely anything below. Fades with a nice gradient.
I love the “react” options but they could be more precise, and twigs don’t have much options to get the effect I want.

I’m sure this tool could become pretty useful for animation studios as well with additional controls.

Would be great if you didn’t limit parameters to give realistic result. Like if I want to increase the scale of twigs/leaves and if I want to have a mass of foliage in a specific area.
React can give nice control over shaper overall, but if I want to have a very long trunk and short branches, it’s not possible.

“Creating libraries” of 3d objects is a specific mass use license, while using it “one at a time” is another one, let’s call it “the normal one”. Usually mass use licenses are sold at a (much) higher price than normal ones, for obvious reasons. You can find examples of them on Envato, or Daz3D.
Not all services, 3d model sites, allow for that. Your behaviour is normal, in this regard.
Be wary than “using into a video game” is considered mass use license. In a game you can have million of models, there’s no limit. So you may want to reconsider what you said. Anyway nothing prevents you to get into specific agreement with someone, at your will. The rights are yours.
All this has nothing to do with GPL. By creating a Blender addon, you agree your addon has to be GPL. The product is your addon, is a software tool, and is a GPL software. It has to be published by adhering to GPL rules. But this is related to the addon ONLY. Any byproduct of it is “usage license” of the addon. Your obligation with the GPL are fulfilled the moment you publish it somewhere in the open under GPL clauses.
Nothing prevents you to set a license restricting usage under certain rules. It’s the reason usage license are made…

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I used The Grove for this “ambience” loop!:

I love this addon… I know you guys are delving into the legal technicalities but I think you need to just let Wybren focus on development as he’s a one man operation. He obviously has no mind for these legal technicalities and just wants us all to operate in good faith and make a living doing what he loves…


Just bought the grove! Amazing addon and hopefully many great future twigs to come.

Great work!

One question, as my image shows, in eevee i get this blac and blu line around the leaf. Like theres no alpha. In cycles its perfectly fine.
Anyone know why?


you need to activate a different alpha mode in the shader settings. By default it’s set to opaque, a setting that will ignore any transparency.


Hi all,

I tried but I haven’t found an answer, is it possible to grow different presets at the same time? So that I could grow for example 20 trees which are split into 3 different presets with different growing age but all are affecting eachother?

Because the other method is to grow 10 trees of the same preset. But then I would also like it to randomize growing age. Cuz the best thing about the grove is that the trees that you grow on the same simulation are affecting eachother resulting in super nice different tree forms. But to create a divirsified forrest in one click there would need to be more settings. Anyone have any idea or example ?



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Hey All, anyone ever managed to get the lodify working with the Grove Trees?

Kind Regards

Can any buyer tell me how the license works?
Is it locked to a computer or can I buy one and use it on multiple machines for farm rendering ? (I dont like to export and import model/textures/animation…).
Thanks in advance.