Meet Eddy

This is my first textured head model I’ve ever made. The face was modelled in wings, UV mapped in blender, and rendered in blender. I created the face texture myself in photoshop.
Hair is done with ripstings hair plugin.

Here he is.

and a bald version to show the skin better.


comments and suggestions are welcome.

WOW that gave me quite a scare :o

VERY nice modelling dude, nice cartoon like definition, can’t wait to see more of this guy, will he be in an animation at all?

well. he is definately NOT very healthy… :o :o :o

Good modelling guy!! Very good modelling!

cya henrik

Wow this is freakin awsome I love it. :smiley: :smiley: :smiley:

Your Friend,
Suicidal Failure