Meet Gragon (Dragon wannabe)

Hi all, I just want to post my latest 3d model.Based on plane model and little bit on subsurfacing.
it’s should be a dragon actually:o,but anyhow still missing some textures
couldn’t get any good technic to use it:D
update version with help from “Modron”
warm regards from Bandung, Indonesia

Cool model. The best way to texture him, would be to UV map and texture paint him.

thx, when i get into uv map with mark seams, the texture get into proportional size, but when i tried to get it scaled by mapping sample, it just worst. it looks not proportional like before. is the size of the area effecting the mapping scaled? because i have a lot of different area on this model.

try doing a ctrl A ( apply scale ) and re-unwrapping. sometimes that helps.

well thx man, will try that right away:yes: