Meet Harold, Everyone!'s+jump

My first real character, my first real animation, all bundled into one big happy thread!
Should load quick, only 2 seconds. Just a test of my rig. Like it?

Looks ok, except the animation is a bit too slow. He sort of hangs in the air a bit. Try jumping and see how fast you come down.

Yeah, you’re right. It was the first animation, before I’d even finished the rig. Now he’s got all the advanced riggings, I’m going to do a walkcycle today. I’ll post it later.

Oh, and I just remembered-- One reason I hadn’t fixed the speed was that there was no action keyframe column select, but that’s back in CVS, which I have, so I’ll fix the speed.

nice character so far, except It at a distance so I can’t say anything definite. um the legs look a little big.

He spends slightly too long on the way from the anticipation (down) to the top of the jump. that movement up has to fire him into the air, so it can’t be slow.

I’m currently rendering the revised jump, along with a flyby, for better details on the head. Will post tomorrow, with still renders. I want this to be a big project.

I have little story ideas, and I’ve started the lipsynching phoneme keys too.

I’m uploadin’ the new one right now. I’ll post the link when done.

It shows off the head, too.
So you can see details of my amazing modelling.

UPDATE!!! This is more about showing off the character, I tweaked the jump, it’s not perfect, but I’m moving on. That animation isn’t too useful for my… ideas, anyway.

No comments? A walkcycle is coming soon.

awesome modelling man!now he doesn’t look like he is hanging in the air.But his legs look abit twisted towards in this direction >< so maybe add some ankle movements while he is bout to lift off…