megaman (my first time making helmet)

that’s are my first time to making helmet i hope to know your opinion

So you are making Megaman X. It’s a nice start but, the helmet looks flat on top and lumpy on the side. The face on the side looks a bit weird. Do you have a reference to go on?


i created other helmet mesh i hope that look better now

thanks for your reply no i don’t have a reference image

When ever you create a character in 3d space you must always remember this number one rule: Always have a reference to model from.

Now, I was able to go around the web and find a couple of images for Megaman X. As or right now, here’s a link to a couple of images of X.

Keep looking for more images in order to accurately model the character.

thank you i started to use rereference image for the body and i finished the head

It looks better, but you still need to make sure that you shape the helmet correctly.

any ideas how to make the texture look better ?

Well, here’s the thing. You can choose to make the metal realistic or you could just reduce the shine altogether. It’s not a bad model, but not all the parts have to have a metallic shine. Take a look at the official art of X to get an idea.