Megaman ZX

Well since my seig project is on hold (do to the lack of a scanner atm) I thought I would do some more practice modeling, which is actually coming out well =3.
So what is it? I’m modeling Vent in his ZX form using an official orthrographic drawing. (might make an aile version if i can be bothered).
This will be subsurfed in the end, but if I work while subsurf is on my comp will lag and hinder the progress. If this comes out well, I will modify it into the other ZX forms as well, wish me luck :P.


Luck for you. Though you don´t seem to need any, going good !

Great Job Moogle ! I will follow this post !

Thanks for the support ^^, heres another shot at so far. The basic model is complete with basic colours applied. so here whats left to do

Modify the face slightly (i think it looks funny)
apply subsurf and modify the frame (fingers to modifications).
Make the eyes
Make the sword and gun
make the armature.
plus more XD


Amazing Job, you will make bones and later a game ? Just for fun think about ? I you need some help i think the community will help you !

Looking good. I don´t think though that you can subsurface to the Megaman model without getting it formed ugly actually. Some bevels applied maybe would work better. But thats my opinion. But anyways, looking good, Would be great model for a game!

Subsurface can work if you spend enough time adding crease weights to the edges.

It is looking very good so far.

Thx for the support, i might make this for a game, but i would have to remodel some of the parts for that ^^.
Its coming on well so far though i might not be able to post any progress to day as its my first day at uni today

J, your right, subsurfing doesn’t do it justice XD. I decided to keep it as a lower poly count, thus making it probably work better in a game (since i’ve never tried).

Here is a render of so far, the eyes are now textured, and i’ve manually rounded the wait orbs. I’ve yet to round the feet a bit more. The material setting aren’t final yet either, thats gonna need some playing with ^^.

I’ve no clue on how many vertices or faces you should aim to have for a game char but my model stands at:
Vertices: 3098
Faces: 5945 Triangles


Small update, here are somne wire frame shots of so far. I’ve dissceted the mess and removed alot of uneeded faces.

The new stats are here:-
No of Vertices = 2410
No of Triangle faces = 4622


Like what you’re going for. I do have a few crits though… from the wire the model still looks a bit messy, and it’s noticable in the render a few posts back. I think you still have to much geometry and it’s not helping to improve the silhouette, while it should (feet, fingers, some in the waist, and the head).
maybe you should also experiment with the edgesplit modifier and set some sharp edges here and there. Smoothing everywhere doesn’t look good for this model. I’m very curious what this will turn into…
keep it up…

So its too dense in the head, feet, fingers and waist…, ok will try to deal with that ^^.
I think you can tell i’m still a noob XD.
But I’ve not touched this egsdesplit modifier yet, what does it do? (have tried it but it doesn’t look any different)

no you’re not, just a bit inexperienced at most. It’s very true to the concept art, and recognisable. The only thing “wrong” with this model, it that your topology is messy. The form is excellent.
The wires are too small to actually study it well enough though.
My zero “basemesh” has 856 verts and 856 faces with mirror applied, double, maybe triple that for details and topology, and that’s a number I think is what I might end up with. I think your polycount is good, but you may need to redistribute some of it to other parts of the model.

And the edgesplit modifier “splits” a mesh at sharp corners or edges you define as sharp. So you can have part of your mesh smooth, and part sharp, or solid. it would work well on the edges of his boots, helmet, and wristthingy.

just wanted to say its looking good in my opinion

Ok, finally got some free time, so i decided to start this project up again ^^.
I’ve spent some time looking at other low poly models and realised that your right Freakydude, it is a bloody mess XD.

so this time i’ve gone and redid my model using the orignal as a template. This version will also be textured in the end. This time i’m using alot less detail and will add a lil detail later.

After the mirror has been applied
Version 1 Tri Count = 3660
Version 2 Tri Count = 730 so far


Another update, the body mesh is complete and stands at a tri count of 2342 when the mirror is applied.

That almost half of the original O.o