Megatron! Classic Transformers fan art.

Hey fellow Blenderheads!

Just wanted to share some of my latest artwork done for fun. Modelled in Blender, rendered out a few passes including an ‘edge’ pass which I then comped together in Photoshop and did a paint texture pass.

Long live Megatron!..

The version with the logo is actually from the current films but I gave it an old skool make over as I couldn’t find an original version to use.

Thanks for looking.


Edit: Here’ a camera mapping test:


Hah, nice. I like it! I think some light tinting to make the scene more colored (red, for example) might be cool. Otherwise, it’s looking pretty slick.

the texture in the paint lends that old school look - very nice!

All hail megatron, awesome work.
But always be optimist prime and not the negatron.

Thanks for the comments guys!

@axelredfield - your second sentence made me laugh!

Here’s a quick camera mapping test projecting the final artwork back onto the geometry.