melancholy hill

I listened to this song by Gorillaz and it made me want to make this:

what do you think? I know its not great but it didnt take long.
try listening to the song to see what i mean.

Nice colors, but average composition.

I know what you mean when you say it reminds you of this sort of scene though i dont think “melancholy” would of been the best way to describe it. I always associate depression, melancholy etc with colder colours like gradients of blue. The picture however looks too vibrant with the colours if that makes sense?

Nice job on the modelling though :slight_smile:

yeah, it wasnt the words, more the music, and cover art. thanks for comments.
its does sort of look sad to me… but not melancholy :smiley: idk

i realy like the skyline color, good job. :smiley:

haha sorry :stuck_out_tongue:
does remind me of the shot they used lol i always imagine a manatee swimming past in the sky lol