Memories of the past (+ Animation)

Hi everyone!

In the last few weeks, my brother (Vincent Reinhardt) and myself (Zacharias Reinhardt) were working on exsample scene for our next Blender Video Workshop called “Movie Scene Creation in Blender 3D”. The workshop will be released in October 2015 in English and in September 2015 in German. A free version of the workshop will released in the curse of 2016.

For more infos about the workshop visit:

This is actually an animation, but we put a lot of effort in it, so I want to share a higher resolution still frame of it here:

Most work was done in Blender. Lighting was realised by only using one HDRI image by Greg Zaal’s HDRI Haven Teaser Pack ( and also some Ambient Occlusion.
Rendering was done in Cycles, 300 Samples for the still image (render time ca. 7 h on a i7). The persons are scanned with a Kinect and the software Skanect (this are my brother and myself). Animation was realised through motion capturing using iPi Motion Capture by iPi Soft and also a Kinect.

The animation was rendered in UHD with 50 samples 400 frames (rendertime ca. 1h per frame). We scaled it down to HD, so we saved a lot rendertime and got a very good result with only 50 samples.

Here you can watch the teaser for the workshop, with the full animated scene, enjoy:

Hope you like it!

If you have any questions, let me know. Thanks a lot!

Zacharias Reinhardt

Beautiful work, 5 stars from me. Strength is in numbers. I wish i have someone to work with me on projects like you have your brother.

Nice shot! I only find the UHD->HD method questionable. From my own tests having 4x sample count looks better than having quad resolution scaled down.

Wow this looks really beautiful! Awesome work.

Wonderful! :slight_smile:

that character animation though :eek:

Loiks so amazing!

Really nice work, guys! How did you find working with iPisoft in Blender? Was it easy to incorporate into your workflow?

This is f*ckin’ awesome!!!

I love how you incorporate so many different solutions into this project. This would serve a good reminder to most of us that there’s always an easier and more efficient way. It just requires a step out of our comfort zone.

Great stuff! Wow! I’d love a breakdown or short making of.

Great Work, the lighting is very pleasant und the details amazing. When I started working with Blender I’ve discovered your tutorials - they were a very helpful introduction. I’m glad to see that you still create such great stuff.

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Very nice! How many working hours it took to do that animation from start to release?

I need to know how you guys pulled this off! How did you get this to render quickly enough with all those particles? Teach me your ways

Loved the colors and this render shows your bonding with your brother.

Thanks everyone for the kind words! :slight_smile:

We had to find a way to have a better result without increasing the render time too much, because we where using a commercial render farm. So we rendered a frame with 100 Samples in HD, it took about 40 min. And we did another try with 30 Samples in UHD and scaled it down. It took about 50 min. Here you can see the result:

In my opinion the scaled down version is quite better without increasing the render time too much. In the end we’ve rendered the scene with 50 Samples in UHD.

iPi Soft has a option to export for Blender. Actually it creates a BVH file you can easily import to Blender. There you get an animated armature you can put into any human character of your choice.

We’ll maybe create a short breakdown video in the next weeks, but alle the little tips and tricks you’ll certainly learn if you watch the workshop. :wink:

It’s hard to say how many hours, but from the very first concepts until the release of the teaser nearly two months have passed. And we were working nearly every working day on it in this time, at least a few hours a day.

We’ll teach you all the things in the workshop, so you have to be a little patience. :wink:

Thanks again everyone!

This is such awesome work guys!

It can help with certain kinds of noise if you’re downscaling in low dynamic range. It also makes some compositor setups simpler because you don’t have to worry as much about aliasing on masks and such.

Neat work :slight_smile: