memory Full cpu/gpu doing nothing

Hello Guys,

I do have a new PC, with a AMD RYZEN 7 1700 18Gb Memory and a Gigabit GTX 1070 8Gb videocard.
In the

screenshot you’ll see a normal bake render.
My memory is going to max and my proccesor and videocard are doing olmost nothing.

what am i doing wrong???

To the best of my knowledge baking is only utilizing one core so with a R 7 1700 you will see a maximum utilization of one eighth of your CPU. I’m not absolutely sure about the GPU but I think I remember that it isn’t of any benefit when baking.

You’re also using 50GB of your swap and your HDD has 100% usage. What size texture are you trying to bake?

I had same problem and fix it with a blender update.