Memory Stick

Okay, so I’ve just started out with Blender, today being my fourth day using it.
Followed several tutorials to help me learn.
I started my own one, out of the top of my head.
I saw a memory stick in front of me so I thought I’ll design my own random one.

Here is the rendered version:

The next step is trying to get it to look all matte coloured, where it feels smooth if you touch it, you get me?
I haven’t done the electrical stuff inside, but if there is a vent on the left and right hand side of the memory stick that you can see in both images.

Does anyone know how to make it look like that, also there are lots of triangular shadow bits, is there a way to solve this or is this just the lighting?

Please give me feedback, especially criticism, as I want to make it look good.
I know it’s the best thing to design, but I’m a beginner and can’t design Audi R8’s etc… yet :slight_smile:

Cheers, Danny.

First enable smooth shading, as well a subsurf.
The general rule is that you dont have triangles in your mesh so if you do try to get rid of them. I think it is best to learn good topology practice early on…

To fix the “roundness” that the subsurf provides, all you do is Ctrl-R to add edge loops and place them close to the edges you want to be sharp.
Post new renders for more help

Ok thanks, I’ll look at a topology tutorial now :slight_smile:

Dont go too deep though :stuck_out_tongue: so you dont get confused :slight_smile:
And for your flash drive the topology is very simple as it is a simple object, in fact it is probably fine as it is right now, just make sure you dont have any triangles.

I just watched Jonathan Williams’ topology Blender conference video and it explains so much. I also know why some errors occurred when modelling other stuff and I now know how to fix them :slight_smile: So glad I watched that video!

The topology on my memory stick is horrible. There are tons of triangles. I now know how to fix this now and is my achievement for tomorrow after college :slight_smile:

Also if you see my first mesh I ever made for a human head, you can see there are lots of triangles. I’m goinfg to fix that too :slight_smile: Just need to find a sculpting tutorial!


Going into sculpting already? Do what you like of-course but imo it is better to get grips with modeling and correct topology because having bad topology while sculpting creates funky stuff in the model…at east that is what i heard, i never got into sculpting…

Either way good to hear that you learned something, best of luck.