Memory Upgrade Something went wrong!!!!!! Help!!!!

Well, something went wrong with the memory I think. My computer properties show it as being in (1024 mb memory). I can browse the computer files, open programs like word and firefox. But when I go to play a game, poof. After a min or two of playing, the comp shuts off in a wierd manner.

im not sure it doesnt have speed i.e. PC3200 ram on specs sheet. maybe you could purchase it form a retail store (real store)and if it doesnt fit take it back.

maybe you will be able to find what MOBO it uses then find out the slot spec etc…

or you could open your case, take the existing RAM out and look for any markings like PC2700 or PC3200 etc…

Speed shouldn’t matter as far as I know, as long as the number of pins and memory type match the mobo. (In your case, 184-pin DDR DIMM)


Does anybody know for sure?

If your unsure what type and speed of memory to use this will tell you:
Here’s the offline version:

To be fair, even if you put in ram of a higher/lower speed, it -will- work, but the motherboard will downclock it to the lowest speed among the ram. For instance, 3 sticks of pc3200 will downclock to match a stick of pc2700 if you place it in. The ram is PC2100 stock, and the new ram is PC3200, which is quite a gap. I’d think about bothering to upgrade the ram versus the rig if you’re thinking about increases, or aim for PC2100 ram. Whatever ram you put in there will be used exactly as if it were PC2100, so buying Pc3200 will make no difference whatsoever. Edit: Summary: Yes, it will work. No, it won’t feature any speed increases, but will increase the quantity of ram. Scout for PC2100 before you purchase PC3200.

Are you thinking of buying that HP Pavalion? If so for how much?

Cause if its around £500, you could get a higher system speciifcation for that kind of money.

@ kit89:
I’ve already got the system, had it for several years.
I think I’m gonna get it anyway and then upgrade the other stick later. Thats good, right?
Thanks for that link! I’m keeping it for later uses.

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Did you install the PC3200 or the correct PC2100 ram ? I’m no expert but whenever I upgrade memory I always try to use the correct speed ram … But anyway you can easily find out if it was the ram upgrade or not by shutting down your computer (just unplug if you have to) and remove the new ram stick . If after you reboot and everything is ok (you can play your games without your comp dying) then it probably is the upgrade . If not …then it could be anything …