Menu navigated by keyboard?

How would I go about creating a menu that can be navigated via the keyboard? As in arrow keys to skip through menu items, and enter key to select. I’ve tried various ways over the past few days with no luck, anyone out there think they can help? Cheers!


what does your menus look like? are they just vertical or do you have to jump sideways sometimes?

Well, they’re horizontal for the most time:

( MENU ITEM 1     :     MENU ITEM 2     :     MENU ITEM 3 etc)

but sometimes it’ll be a grid (of images, i.e. squares). So, in a nutshell, both.

Use properties and python to determine what the x and y variable should be. Left/right add/subtracts 1 to x up/down ad/subtracts to y.

Then you know when enter [for example] is pressed it’s on item (x,y)

The visual menu is purely visual, Have a glow or highlight surrounding item (x,y)

Its pretty straightforward to set up an object with an IPO to do this (and then just have the x and y positions change the frame).

I would just make left and right key add and subtract one from a counter, and depending on the value of the counter determine which item is selected. The tricky part comes when you want to be able to move both up/down and left/right… but it shouldn’t be that hard.

Cheers folks, that’s the way I was trying but it wasn’t working. I’ll have another go